Business Intelligence

BI means many things to many different people and organisations. To put in simple terms, it is the process of transforming data into information.This information or intelligence is then readily accessable and allows decision makers to make better-informed decisions.

In every organization, employees make hundreds of decisions each day. They can range from whether to give customer X a discount, whether to start producing part Y, whether to launch another direct mail campaign, whether to order additional materials, etc. These decisions are sometimes based on facts, but mostly based on experience, accumulated knowledge, and rule of thumb. That poses a problem because experience, knowledge, and rule of thumb can take years to develop. Some employees never acquire them. Those who do may still fall prey to decision traps or biases in judgment. Improving the quality of business decisions has a direct impact on costs and revenue. For instance, giving a customer a discount may or may not help the bottom line, depending on the profitability of the client over the duration of the relationship.

To improve the quality of decisions, managers can:

Option: Do critical tasks themselves.
Result: This leads to burnout, bottlenecks, and opportunity costs of
not doing more strategic work.

Option: Hire additional skilled staff.
Result: This increases costs dramatically.

Option: Attempt to define a policy for all possible decisions.
Result: This leads to decisions that do not meet with the rapidly
changing needs of the business.

Option: Give existing staff the means to make better decisions.
Result: This creates an agile enterprise and is the most
cost-effective solution

It is not a coincidence that the most successful companies in the world rely heavily upon GOOD BI. Good BI is achieved by clearly establishing and understanding your requirements, all parties engaging and commiting to the process. Good BI will enable you to have a 360 degree view of your enterprise, thus allowing you to have a better understanding of your business. We can help you realise the potential of the data you currently hold, or help you to increase the quality of data that your company gathers, through custom applications for in-house staff or through interactive website functionality. We can then present the facts and figures and the output that you need to make decisions that you can stand by.

How can BI work for you?

Quite simply, Business Intelligence will provide you with a better understanding of your business and allow you to make better, informed decisions.

With our simple, un-obtrusive approach we will understand your requirements, establish your current capabilities, transform your current information and then finally allow you to access your information and obtain that 360 degree view of your business.

To find out how you can leverage your information to make better decisions, please contact us here.